We love to get your post cards! It is so nice to know that you are thinking of us when you are away! We also love the stamps!

If you would like to send us a card, just go to the
contact page for our mailing address

Hey, thanks for the card David! Good on ya mate!

Thanks for writing Wes! Say "hullo" to the rest of your crew for us. Tell me, have you seen any of these birds up close?...

...and the stamp is fantastic!

I wanted you to see the bottom of this card from Heidi in Wales

She says this is from a Welsh town with the name printed on the bottom of the card which is "too long to print write out!!" Wow, no kidding!

Thanks for thinking of us Therese and Mike!

Ah, If only life were this simple Cyndy!

Boy, did we laugh at this one! Thanks Jan!

All the way from Iceland! Thanks Jim, it looks beautiful!

Cool stamp too! So that's how they spell Iceland!

An unusual view of the tower, lovely! Thanks Kathy and Russ!

Guess who was in England last fall?

Hey Kelli, David will have to visit this pub too!

Thanks for thinking of us Maria and Hannah!

Look at this beautiful Chilkat blanket! Wow!

Here is a detail of this 19th century royal robe made of mountain goat wool and yellow cedar bark. Thanks for sending this one too Derek!

Hey, Derek and lian - have a great Honeymoon!

Great to hear from you Jan!

Crop Pigs and Hearts from Holland, thanks Debbie!

My mom sent this from Florida! Thanks Mom!

Suzy sent this from Scotland, a long way from Ayer's Cliff!

Obviously a place where good folk music is...hard to find? Sounds like you had a good trip, thanks for thinking of us Jan!

What a lovely card from Ellen, David will be on the East Coast in April!

A fine body of men! Thanks Jim and Judy

Thanks to everyone that sent these lovely Christmas Cards!

Merry Christmas Esmarelda!

A beautiful card from the north, thanks Kai!

"The Welland Canal, Left: lock #1, Right: lock #6"

What an effort! Thanks so much for the personalized, hand-painted postcard Kathy

We laughed when we saw this one Melinda!

A lovely Long Island card from Donna. I think I should go there to paint!

Very funny Barb...we saw a few "bumps" when we were in Newfoundland!

Three fine fellows! Great card Bethany! Still love your song!

This one is close to home (our new home!) Thanks for the stamps Jane!

Belgium looks beautiful Ben!

Guess who sent me this card from Denmark ? ?

How thoughtful Helen! Thanks for thinking of us with this handsome "heelan coo"

Hey Kelli, how are things in Ashtabula? Thanks for the card!

Muriel, what were you doing there?

"Farewell to Connaught" - Thanks Jane and Scott!

Hi Marguerite and Jim, David will be back in Seattle October 11th!

Janice heard David on "Folkscene" out of California, thanks for the card Janice!

Mailed in New Zealand by Ed who had just come from the Antarctic

The stamp is just as fantastic as the postcard, thanks Ed!

Thanks Jan, all the way from China!, very cool!

Merry Christmas to you too, Melinda!

This card was mailed from Germany!

Thanks Friedel and Eva!

Thanks Jim and Judy!

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