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David (and I) have had the opportunity to see many interesting places. We now have quite a collection of photos. I decided to share some of our favourites with you. I will change them up regularly, so have a look every now and then. Please be patient while the photos load. Beth


The following are photos from the Ayer's Cliff fair by David

Some flowers from my garden (Beth)

Spring is springing and the red-winged blackbirds are calling from the tree tops

the snow still lays deep on the garden...

This dove just landed on our window feeder

Mourning doves have such beautiful, subtle colouration

...as does this section of our wattle fence

this primrose in our kitchen window, is waiting for the soil to warm up

On my way home from town the light was amazing and I took the next three photos

I took this treescape a few days ago, it is behind the house I grew up in

David walking Nelly - late afternoon before the rain...

the field behind our house after a night of freezing rain!

... our road looking cold but beautiful

...there was a thick layer of ice on every surface and when the wind blew you could hear a delicious crackling sound all around

I woke one morning to a delightful scene! Knee high, fluffy snow!

Here are a few photos to show you what our snow day looks like!

I had to do it! As a biologist I had to show you a few other birds at our feeder. I promise this won't become a nature page (hmmm. maybe I need a new page for that!)

Well, I lie! I took this photo of a Carolina wren at my parents feeder (not ours!) in Lindsay, Ontario in February. A pair has been feeding on peanut butter there all winter. This is an uncommon sighting as normally these birds spend the winter much farther south

(this one was at our feeder!) This beauty is a Pine grosbeak. A resident of the coniferous forests of the far north, these birds sometimes make their way further south in the winter.

This year there has been an influx of Great Grey Owls and we have been lucky enough to these rare and beautiful birds, the largest of the North American Owls, on 8 occasions - so far. David caught this one sitting on a fence post

...and Colin spotted this fine fellow up a tree, so I took a few photos. Wow!

It was - 41C this January - with the wind chill factored in. The weather inspired us to get out (and then quickly back in!) and take a few photos

Shots from around our home by David

and....by Beth

Here are a few of David's photos from his trip to the Tønder Festival in Denmark

Photos from our new town by Beth

Photos from Chicago, Illinois - photos by David

Photos from the air force junkyard, Iqaluit, Nunavut - photos by David Francey








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