Letters from Nunavut


   to Nunavut July 3/02


June 24/02

David and Dave made it to Iqaluit at 2:00 Monday afternoon. David wrote me a quick e-mail when he got settled so I thought I'd pass it on to you. ~ Beth

PS - Jack Hicks was instrumental in getting David and Dave up to Nunavut. Thanks Jack!

"We made it. A flawless flight and a sense of complete unreality upon arrival. Today we had a tour by car courtesy of Danielle, and tomorrow I'm going to walk around and take some pictures. Took a few panorama shots today at the Grinnell River, tumbling and boiling through rocks and great slabs of broken and dirty ice. Thrilling! The wind has picked up since our arrival and become a keening and steady companion to the dun afternoon. The sky is low and grey, reflected in the water of Frobisher Bay.

I'm experiencing some culture shock as expected but am feeling an affinity already for the setting and circumstance. There are ice flows in the bay and snow still on the mountains to the west. I'm sitting in Jack Hick's office room at his home, drinking Ayer's Cliff wine and listening to Bill Bourne on the stereo. The tide is flowing back into the bay and dinner is on the hob. Do I feel anointed? I certainly do.
I will write again when I can. We have been made most welcome,

Yours from the far north, in a warm house,"


purple saxifrage, photo by Nora Sanders

June 26/02

David and Dave are off to Pangnirtung today.

David is staying at Nora Sanders house and Dave at Jack Hicks house.Here is a note from Nora...

"Hi Beth, David is staying at my place in Iqaluit. I thought you might like these couple of photos taken about 11 pm this evening. IT is overcast, so the light wasn't that great. We had a group of people here for a curry dinner tonight, with lots of good conversation about the music business, dog teams, and a variety of other topics, after which David and one of the other guests did all the dishes. Tomorrow David and Dave are off to Pangnirtung, one of the most beautiful places in Canada. He has been taking lots of digital photos, so I'm sure there will be some nice ones to show you of Pang." ~ Nora

June 27

Check the weather in Iqaluit! weather office - and look at the times for sunrise and and sunset! I wonder how much sleep David and Dave are getting....

Jack just wrote to say:

"If you check the Iqaluit weather you'll see that the sunshine we were supposed to get on Saturday has now been delayed until Monday -- with a "chance of light snow" on Sunday!!"

Grey skies, but don't worry, rainy weather is conducive to songwriting! Besides, the folks there are staying nice and cool when many of the rest of us are melting in the heat. ~ Beth

June 30

David will be back home soon.

I got a call from him yesterday. He is having an amazing time. With a concert in beautiful Pangnirtung, a performance at the Iqaluit Elders' Centre with a staff member translating his stories about each song and a concert at the Francophone Centre in Iqaluit, I know he will have a lot to write about. And it looks like David and Dave just might make it out kayaking.

Jack wrote this morning to say the weather cleared up.

"The rain actually turned to snow for a while last night, but you wouldn't know it this morning. The skies are bright blue, with only some light scattered clouds. High tide is at 11:30; it's currently inching its way up the back. The bay is still largely ice-covered, with open water along the shore and nice ice pieces bobbing everywhere. It is, in fact, the most beautiful morning we've had in weeks."

Sounds fantastic, I can almost feel the cool breeze off the ice in the bay. ~ Beth

July 1, Happy Canada Day! David and Dave fly home today.

I just got an e-mail from Nora, David has been staying at her house while in Iqaluit. She wrote:

"Sunday morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine, the first they [David and Dave] had seen since arriving. There was almost no wind, and it was a great day for kayaking. In fact it was a kayaking day that we will probably remember all season, just a glorious day."

So they did get to go kayaking! And I heard David ate maktak too! ~ Beth

David and Aven, photo by Nora Sanders

back home

Many thanks to Jack, Nora and Letia for these fine photos!

Jack has offered to take the guys sea kayaking amidst the ice floes of Frobisher Bay. I hope they take pictures like this one! photo JH

David and stray dog, Frobisher Bay photo by Letia Cousins

David and new friend Aven, Iqaluit photo Nora Sanders

Pula and Miki watching kayakers. JH

photo by Letia Cousins

like a duck to water, photo Nora Sanders

David and Dave looking like they do this every day! photo Nora Sanders