Audience in Duncan

posters in Victoria

Geoff and Dave warm up

Karla and David sing "Highwire" Blair Lewis

Dugg, David and Steve. BL

View out the hotel window

Welcome to Canada

The back of the tour was broken at last and the final week on the coast flew in. That time was a series of conversations punctuated by ferries and islands and the ubiquitous rain.

Duncan on Vancouver Island found us playing an acoustic gig in a chapel on the grounds of Providence Farm. It was a good place to be on a dark and wet Thursday night, and we enjoyed both the audience and the room a great deal. Thanks to Brent Hutchison and all who looked after us during our stay.

We stayed overnight with friends outside Victoria and proceeded downtown to the hotel. I had the oddly shocking sensation of seeing my face on black and white posters stapled to telephone poles and lampposts. It was as pleasing as it was shocking. Gibson Auditorium was a beautiful room and singing in it before the sound check was a thrill in itself. The show was certainly joyous for us, as Geoff Somers had flown in and joined us for the tour's end. It was a very happy reunion for us. I met friends new and old on the night, as well several email correspondents. Musicians seemed thick on the ground as well. A wonderful night to perform. Thanks to Matt Laundrie for an excellent job organizing and promoting the show.

Return to Vancouver and the last gig of the tour. The city remains fascinating. I realized on this trip just how many good people I know who live there. I am anxious to return. I enjoyed spending time in the company of Jack and the crew at Mainstage Management and Festival Distribution.

The tireless Rachel at Festival

The Vancouver music scene is very much alive and the people involved are both interesting and interested, a good combination. I would like to thank, in particular, Dugg and Jules for putting me up as I did the imitation of "the beast that wouldn't leave…." Dugg Simpson, Steve Edge and Fiona Black organized our appearance at Capilano College Theatre. They created the perfect setting for a final show of the tour, replete with a deafening chorus of Happy Birthday to…. me! Karla Mundy joined Dave Geoff and I. We gave it all we had left for the final night. It was an emotional evening among friends for all of us on stage. Many thanks for the night and for our time together.

Dave, Geoff and Oliver playing into the wee hours

The post tour party ended up taking place in my hotel room, situated on the harbour side in North Vancouver. Oliver Schroer improvised on the fiddle throughout the evening and it seemed such a fitting end to the journey, to pass the time listening and talking to friends both old and new. Out the open window the tugs and the ships they were minding slid across the dark water, the cranes towering over the dry dock next door, in the restless night, through a steady rain. And above it all the music. At one point, Karla asked me if I knew how lucky we all were. I think I just might.

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...and the other side of the room

Gibson Auditorium

Audience at Cap College

Geoff, Karla, David and Dave. BL

portrait of Oliver's hand

parting shot