A song I wrote for Beth before we lived together,
when love took the form of joyous anticipation.

Forget all your worries, forget all your cares
Forget all your troubles at the foot of the stairs
Just pass on the perfume and turn out the light
'cause we're going out on Saturday night
Just say you'll come with me and I'll show you a time
Then we'll go to dinner 'til a quarter past nine
Then we'll go dancing 'til the dawn's early light
'cause we're going out on Saturday night
When the working week's over
When the working week's through
I'm going to come calling, come calling on you
You know me darling, my heart's on my sleeve
You can love anybody, but I hope you love me
I'll come and get you, I'll be driving my car
Don't bother getting dressed up, come the way
that you are
I'll pull in your driveway, I'll be flashing my lights
'cause we're going out on Saturday night

Words and Music:
©David Francey (Ennismore, Ontario, 1989)