After hearing Northern Ontario's Grievous Angels,
I started thinking about the similarities between
mining towns and mill towns such as Cornwall,
Ontario, where I lived for a time as a boy.
I heard a voice call down from the lonesome north
Singing songs of work and worth
Hard edged stories from the hard rock towns
And I can picture the Saturday nights
Hear the tires squealing from the Main Street lights
Hear the creaking of the cables on the cage as it's
lowered down
Hard luck stories from the streets of the mining towns

Don't follow me in boys
Don't follow me in boys
Don't follow me in boys
Don't follow me down

I was raised by the Seaway side
Staring out at the river wide
Rode my bike up the bridge, looked back
at the paper mill
Through the windows I'd try and see
What the future held for the likes of me
And I can hear the shift change siren still
In the Seaway City, by the stacks of the paper mill


And the towns that rose with the mines and mills
Watch the future pass like they're standing still
And the kids all leave, like the light when the sun
goes down
When you go back now and you walk the streets
There's parking lots where buildings used to be
Night still falls but it doesn't make a sound
Long shadows fall, on the streets of the cold mill towns


Words and Music:
©David Francey (Ayer's Cliff, Quebec, August 7, 1999)