I spent many enjoyable days at the side of the road over
the years. They distilled themselves into this song.
Down on that highway, on that highway side
You can watch the big trucks, you can watch them roll by
Stand in the wind that they'll leave far behind
You can stand there and savour
Your own peace of mind
On that highway
On that highway
Under the overpass, rear mirror view
I came out of the shadow to a memory of you
Tal king miles with the driver, killing boredom and time
On the fields of Saskatchewan
Cut by the line
Of that highway
It's too late for summer, too early for snow
And the diesels are lined up, there's ten in a row
The waitress in the truck stop keeps the
countertop shined
And there's music from the cowboy bar
Three-quarter time…
On that highway
Stare down the sun, smoke your last cigarette
Day's nearly done and you're no further yet
No divine intervention, no divine sleight of hand
Would leave you abandoned
Forever to stand
On that highway

Words and Music:
©David Francey (November 1992)