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Holy Smokes! David wins his third JUNO!

"David Francey, of Lanark Highlands, took home the solo roots and traditional album of the year for Right of Passage. This is the folk veteran's third Juno." Ottawa Citizen

The nomination for Right of Passage took us to Calgary for the big JUNO weekend. David was invited to play goalie for the JUNO Cup and - lucky guy! - once again ended up in goal for the NHL team - imagine what a thrill that was!

Here are David's thoughts on the 2008 JUNOs...

The Juno Cup: Back between the pipes, three years later

sweatersJim Cuddy said it best. “You can walk into any dressing room, anywhere, and you’ll get that acceptance that youdon’t get anywhere else.”

That about summed up this Juno Cup for me. Even when the dressing room is full of ex-NHLers, the general buzz is one of welcome and inclusion. Interesting, energetic men, all teammates for the day. They do a lot of charityevents and fundraisers, and talk of who can make what game takes up a bit of the conversation. They have the best hockey stories I have ever heard, bar none.
I have seen them all play out their careers, and enjoyed every one of them in his day. And the best part of it is, they are still in their day, still playing, enjoying the game and the people who play it.




Photos by Beth - Mike Pelyk, David, Jamie Macoun.

The first people to congratulate me after the Juno win were the hockey players. They couldn’t have been happier for me. It’s mutual.

Here's the NHL team:

NHL Greats team – Mike Pelyk, Geoff Courtnall, Lanny McDonald, Colin Patterson, Brad Dalgarno, Perry Berezan, Brian Skrudland, Bob Probert, Mark Napier, Jamie Macoun, Paul Coffey, Doug Gilmour, Luke Doucet – G, David Francey – G, C - Chad Martin, Vibe 98.5 and Simon "Kadooh" Clow, State of Shock




Jim Cuddy's Rocker team included many great players (for a full list go to http://www.junocup.ca.)

One of the Rocker's goalies was Sami Jo Small . Sami had backstopped the the Canadian National Women's team to numerous world triumphs, giving us all a blast of Canadian pride, not to mention moments of pure sporting elation. She is a 3 time Olympian (2 time member of gold medal winning team), 5 time World Champion and 2 time World Championship MVP.

I was so delighted to meet her. Her excellence on the ice was mirrored by her personality off it.



Calgary- The JUNOs in the New West

beth and craigIn short, the JUNOs make for a good party with friends and a whole lot of people you don’t know. No better place for a party than Calgary. I was there with Beth and Craig Werth (photo by David). The three of us had worked hand in glove on Right of Passage so it would have felt incomplete to be there without them. Beth actually flew to Calgary, no small feat on her part. Fortunately the flight was definitely worth it.

My only performance ay JUNOfest was as narrator in the classical piece “Upon Reading Shakespeare”, played masterfully by cellist Matt Haimovitz at The Grand Theatre. The piece kicked off the first ever presentation of classical music at JUNOfest and was recorded for national broadcast on CBC Radio 2. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the music.

juno shot

At the gala awards night all sizes and stripes are represented from all the myriad duties and jobs in the music industry. No expense is spared and there is plenty of glamour if you want that. We ran into musical friends the entire evening too, ate a substantial dinner of Alberta beef and then they announced our category. It was a strong field right across the board. “Right of Passage” was announced as the winner, and the rest is a happy blur of taking the stage, making an acceptance speech, interviews and photos.

I called my Ma and told her the news. I had no idea how much winning this Juno would mean to me. I loved the album when we made it and thought it was one of the best I had done. I am grateful other people thought so too. I am honoured to be recognized by my peers for my work.

Many thanks to all our friends and supporters, special thanks to the Dumbartons for being exemplary hosts!

Many thanks to CARAS, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and organizers for the JUNO awards, for showing us a grand time in a grand town. Here’s to the New West. - David  

Watch David's acceptance speach on YouTube David Francey at the 2008 Juno Awards

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David and Beth after the 2008 JUNOs - photo Maggie Dumbarton


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