Beth Girdler



So many people have asked me what I do when I am not acting as a partner in the business side of David's music (booking, tour manager, indi label magnate, secretary, web manager etc. etc.) that I thought I would show you. Below are some examples of my original artwork - some oils, most watercolours. I am also mother to 3 beautiful children, Colin- 11, Julia- 21 and Amy- 25. I have a wonderfully supportive family who have put up with an awful lot as I learn the ropes of the music world. I also worked as a biologist at a new park, one that boasts a breeding pair of peregrine falcons along with other amazing wildlife. I love bird-watching , photography, writing (if you'd like, check out my nature columns at the wonderful Log Cabin Chronicles site), gardening and, as many of you know, meeting new people. , Beth

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