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Dave and David in Orillia

Dave, Richard, Liz and David, Irish Mnt.

covered bridge over the Gatineau, Wakefield

steam engine from Hull to Wakefield

Two great weekends

That ripping sound you hear is the sound of time passing at the speed of light. We spent a weekend in Southern Ontario, playing Swanmore Hall, Irish Mountain Folk Club, and a Toronto house concert. There was a great deal of singing done at all the rooms, harmonies splitting off and the hair on the back of your neck rising. At least on my neck they were. It was a pleasure to spend time with all our hosts.

While we were in striking distance of Barrie we stayed at Don Bray's house. He was heading off to the funeral of a brother Fire Fighter on the Sunday and put on his full dress uniform, complete with his medal for bravery. Dave and I had our pictures taken with him, on the front lawn. We felt very proud to know Don.

Many thanks to our hosts for all their hospitality and efforts on our behalf. It was a pleasure to meet and play for all of you.

The following weekend found Beth and I at the Ottawa Folklore Centre for a songwriting workshop. We were treated to coffee (one giant urn), biscuits and sweets - numerous bags - and a splendid time was had by all. Many thanks to the OFC men and women for a thoroughly amiable afternoon. I heard some poignant songwriting and some strong singing, and enjoyed the experience very much. That's the first one I've done outside of a festival setting. I'm looking forward to the next.

The Gatineau River, Wakefield Quebec

Sunday for me was perfect - playing with Dave and Geoff at 5 o'clock at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield, on the banks of the Gatineau River. The room filled with faces old and new, and Dave Clarke played some pieces from his upcoming solo guitar CD to a rapt house. Geoff and I were the silent cheerleaders in the hall. Not a pretty sight.
The show itself was a Juno celebration and Paul Symes was good enough to fit us in. I won't tell you what I think of Paul, it would only embarrass both him and most likely me as well. I was thinking, standing on the stage, that this was the first stage outside of the Townships that I ever played. I can remember it clearly. It doesn't seem that long ago. It was a good feeling to be celebrating in that room, with those people. Thanks again and good night Irene…

Yours from the Townships,

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David, Don and Dave

Dave, David, Me, Debbie and Bill, TO

great grafitti on the Black Sheep

Geoff, David and Dave

Juno concert, the Black Sheep