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May 27th, 2002
Juno Celebration, Hugh's Room Concert, Toronto
All photos (except Juno and sign - BG) courtesey Randi Fratkin (thanks Randi!)

Hullo All,

Hope this finds you well. Just a line or two about the show on May 18th at Hugh's Room in Toronto. It was billed as a Juno celebration, which it was, but it took on further meaning for me at least. The show itself was sold out, for which I was very grateful and relieved. There were many faces in the crowd that I had never seen before and many people who I have seen at every Toronto gig we have ever played. It was gratifying on both counts. Musician friends were numerous, some coming to play and some to listen. Mike Ford, David Woodhead, Jenn Cianca and Kate Murphy joined Dave Clarke and Geoff Somers and myself on stage at various points throughout the evening, with David Matheson unable to attend due to his becoming a last minute biohazard with a wicked cold. He is now nicely on the mend, thank you. Performing with all these people is a pleasure at any time but was a particular pleasure on this night. It brought back to us the enjoyment we had recording the Far End of Summer and the enthusiasm each brought to their performances in the studio was mirrored on stage on the night.

What struck me as I looked out at the crowd was the diversity of friends new and old in the audience. Many people there went a long way back, some to high school, some to my time as superintendent at Spruce Court Co-op, and some directly through the music and from all points in between.

I was struck by the variety of ways in which people would have known me over the years. Maintenance man, hockey team mate, steam worker, Argo fan, labourer and the boy who said very little and sat at the back of the class looking out the window. It meant a great deal to me to see my Spruce Court friends from Sumach Street there, to get caught up in their comings and goings and to see them all looking so well. It was a period in my life that I look back on fondly, but I tend to leave even pleasant times in the past and regrettably unattended. I frequently hearken back to those days in my mind, but rarely attempt to keep in contact. This is no doubt just part of my nature and does not remotely reflect how I feel or think about the people and places. It was so good to see those friends again that I may actually improve on the communication front, but time will tell no doubt. At any rate, all friends were most appreciated and welcomed on the night and the singing was grand from the audience.

We will be back at Hugh's for a show around Christmas time, the form of which is loosely based around a Christmas theme, likely very loosely. Given the singing on the 18th perhaps we should make the entire show a sing along, heavily weighted towards the singing of carols. It's an idea.

I'd like to thank all the musicians who took the time to come and play for the evening and for those who came to show support. The audience was as welcoming as could be, and as kind to us as we could wish. Many thanks too to the staff and management of Hugh's Room for having us, and to the inimitable Holmes Hook for putting us all at our ease and in the mood. Thanks to all who attended for making the evening a very special one for all of us.
Until next time, take care of yourselves,

Yours from the Townships,

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This is what a Juno looks like, hand blown glass - very cool


David plays guitar (holy smokes!) on his new song, Skating Rink

David Woodhead on base

Geoff, Jenn, David and Dave sing Highway

Geoff, Kate, Jenn, David, Mike, David Woodhead (see the tip of his base?) and Dave on Belgrade Train