All For a Song  

Dave, Bethany Keddy and David meet at last at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival! "Fishing Seasons" will be on a CBC compilation of All For a Song recordings, out this fall. Check here for the release date.

A while ago Russell Bowers from CBC in St. John's, Newfoundland, asked David if he would be interested in being part of "All for a Song" - a feature for "Sounds Like Canada" on Radio One.

People from across Canada sent their lyrics to CBC and proffessional musicians were asked to pick a song and put it to music. The song was then recorded and played on "Sounds like Canada". On Monday, March 17th David sang "Fishing Seasons" by Bethany B. Keddy. He was backed by Dave Clarke on guitar and Newfoundland's Jim Payne on accordion. Bethany liked what she heard!

Since David was in Newfoundland on a 12 day tour.The song was recorded in the CBC studio in St. John's. Below are photos of the recording courtesy Russell Bowers

David and Dave

Jim Payne and David

Jim, David, Russell and Dave

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Fishing Seasons

lyrics by

Bethany B. Keddy

Lobster, haddock, pollack, cod
The seasons come and go
From early morn 'til eventide
Our lives move to and fro.

And it's Tom Cod and Shoal Place
And Frying Pan and yonder
In breezes fair or heavy fog
Our humble boats do wander.

We cast our nets and haul them in
Give thanks for blessings reaped
Catching sight of land once more
In love, our hearts are steeped.

Seagulls circling high above
Such a view of life!
In our minds we fly with them
And soon forget our strife.

Boats hauled upon the shore
Time to have a rest
Memories surface now and then
Those days, they were the best.

My life has been so rich and full
A gift from God above
I'd like to thank you each and all
For your laughter and your love.

My story now has reached its end
But be of gentle sorrow
A brand new story lights itself
With the coming of tomorrow.

(Note: "Tom Cod," "Shoal Place," and "Frying Pan" are names of inshore fishing grounds on Nova Scotia's
east coast.)

Great lyrics Bethany!

the photo above is of a mural painted on the side of a building in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland

top two photos by Beth