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The Broken Heart of Everything CD NEW! The Broken Heart of Everything - David Francey 2018
Listen to Lonely Road speakerMP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes
David Francey’s new album, The Broken Heart of Everything, showcases his extraordinary skill as a lyricist. His so-good-they-could-be-traditional melodies, and themes of the camaraderie of small-town life, the drudgery of the daily grind, the pride in an honest day’s work, the sadness of losing loved ones, the joy of close family connections, and the quiet strength of mature love have struck a chord with audiences around the world.

1. Poorer Then, 2. Night and Morning, 3. The Flower of Colonsay, 4. Lonely Road, 5. I Know it Won't, 6. Blue Sorrow and Then Some, 7.Come Sunday, 8. Where Harry Sat, 9. Only Love, 10. Walking in Jerusalem, 11. Moon Over Melbourne

Empty Train - David Francey 2016
Listen to Empty Train speakerMP ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"To me, song writing is a fortunate affliction.  I enjoy hearing lyrics come to life.  Some of the songs contained here have waited a while to be born, to have life breathed into them. All made it onto the train thanks to my bandmates Mark, Chris and Darren. I could never have made the trip without them." ~ David Francey

1. Empty Train 2:43, 2. Fool 2:35, 3. Holy Ground 2:57, 4. Hospital 2:08, 5. Mirror Ball 2:43, 6. Big Texas Moon 2:57, 7. Blue Girl 3:15, 8. Alli's Wedding, 2:13, 9. Crucible 3:38, 10. False Knight 3:11, 11. Money Boys 0:48, 12. Junkie's Heart 2:47

So Say We All - David Francey 2013
Listen to Rain speakerMP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"The songs on this album seem to me to encompass what proved a very difficult year. From the heights of joy to the depths of grief, the lesson learned was to celebrate every day spent on this side of the soil and to keep marching no matter what comes our way. So say we all." ~ David Francey

1. Rain, 2. Cheap Motel, 3. Harm, 4. Pandora's Box, 5. Weather Vane, 6. Satellite, 7. American Blues, 8. A Star Above, 9. Long Long Road, 10. Ordinary Man, 11. Blue Skies, 12. Blue Yonder, 13. Bitterroot, 14. So Say We All 

Go Jane Go - David Francey, Kieran Kane, Lucas Kane 2013
on Dead Reckoning Records
Listen to Go Jane Go on Youtube

Go Jane Go, the self-titled release from the group made up of Kieran Kane, David Francey and Lucas Kane, is now available on CD or as a download from CD Baby! Recorded in the living room of an Australian farmhouse, it's a natural, organic blend of the three musicians' talents that sounds as if you are sitting around the coffee table with them in a living room jam. Released on the heels of a successful Australian tour by the group, the album is a wonderful blend of three brilliant musicians' work. The cover art is a portrait of the band by Kieran.

1. Somewhere Beyond the Roses, 2. When I'm Not Thinking About You, 3. Solitary Wave, 4. Go Jane Go, 5. Pretty Jackals, 6. Anybody's Game, 7. My Blue Ridge Cabin Home, 8. I Live in Fear , 9. I'm Going Home, 10. Wonder, 11. Tell Me Mama, 12. Blue Heart of Texas, 13. Moon Over Melbourne.


Late Edition - David Francey 2011 2012 JUNO Nominee!!
Listen to Yesterday's News speakerMP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"Many of the songs recorded here reflect my reaction to news– personal news, local news and world events.  It was a great pleasure to work with my good friends Kieran, Fats, Richard and Lucas. This album was recorded live off the floor atMoraine Studios in Nashville. Theexperience was exhilarating and immediate.
I hope that comes through when you listen to “Late Edition."

1 Yesterday’s News, 2 Pretty Jackals, 3 Solitary Wave, 4 When I’m Not Thinking About You, 5 Wonder, 6 Blue Heart of Texas, 7 Just the Same, 8 Borderlands, 9 High Wall, 10 I Live in Fear, 11 Long Brown Hair, 12 Grateful

Seaway cover

Seaway - David Francey and Mike Ford 2009
Listen to The Chief Engineer MP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"In late May of 2005 David Francey and Mike Ford were granted the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks aboard the MV Algoville. The captain and crew of this 750-foot bulk carrier of the Algoma Central Laker fleet allowed us to witness life onboard first-hand. They sailed from Montreal to Thunder Bay and back along the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the majestic inland sea of the Great Lakes. This CD is a collection of songs inspired by that trip.

1 Banks of the Seaway , 2 Eastern Gap, 3 The Chief Engineer, 4 The Seaway, 5 The Unloading, 6 Climbing Up to The Soo, 7 Dustless Road to the Happy Land , 8 The Parting, 9 There’s No Rush, 10 Canal, 11 The Ballad of Bowser MacRae, 12 When You’re The Skip, 13 Ashtabula, 14 21st Century Great Lake Navigators, 15 The Bottom of the Great Lakes, 16 All Lights Burning Bright


Right of Passage - David Francey 2007 2008 JUNO Winner!!
Listen to The Ballad of Bowser MacRae MP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"The songs on this album address the different paths my life has taken, both good and bad. Some were written from experience gained aboard an Algoma Central ore carrier. Some were written about people I met out on the road or the places I ended up. Some are memories recalled and described. All deal with transitional moments in life, mileposts on the hopefully long march where we all earn our 'right' of passage." David Francey

1 Leaving Edmonton , 2 Ballad of Bowser MacRae, 3 Kansas, 4 A Conversation, 5 Waves, 6 Ferry to Cortez, 7 New Jerusalem , 8 The Gate, 9 Stone Town, 10 Promised Land, 11 Their Wedding Day, 12 Under the Portland Weather, 13 All Lights Burning Bright


Carols for a Christmas Eve - David Francey 2006
Listen to Good Christian Men Rejoice MP3 ~ Click Here for Lyrics and Liner notes

Recorded with David's good friend Kathryn Briggs, at the Old Town Hall in Almonte, Ontario. Just voice and piano, Carols for a Christmas Eve has a simple elegance. Meant to be sung along to, the songs on this CD are no younger than 118 years old!

1 Good Christian Men Rejoice, 2 O Come All Ye Faithful, 3 Good King Wenceslas, 4 Hark the Harold Angels Sing, 5 Silent Night, 6 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen, 7 Angels We Have Heard on High, 8 TheFirst Noel, 9 I Saw Three Ships, 10 O Little Town of Bethlehem, 11 We Three Kings, 12 The Holly and the Ivy, 13 Away in a Manger, 14 Joy to the World


The First Set - Live From Folk Alley - David Francey 2006
Listen to the intro to Ashtabula MP3 Listen to the song Ashtabula MP3
click here for lyrics and liner notes

"a lovely digitally preserved moment in the stellar career of one David Francey." Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs Magazine

This recording was made on November 11, 2005 at the 39th Annual Kent State Folk Festival, at the Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio. The evening was presented by WKSU (89.7), hosted by Jim Blum and was web cast live as part of FolkAlley.com's 'Live from Folk Alley' online concert series. The First set includes the stories behind the songs.

1 Introduction by Jim Blum, 2 Paper Boy Introduction, 3 Paper Boy, 4 The Waking Hour Introduction, 5 The Waking Hour, 6 Ashtabula Introduction. 7 Ashtabula , 8 Broken Glass Introduction, 9 Broken Glass, 10 Tonight in my Dreams Introduction, 11 Tonight in my Dreams, 12 Fourth of July Introduction, 13 Fourth of July, 14 Torn Screen Door Introduction, 15 Torn Screen Door, 16 Morning Train Introduction, 17 Morning Train, 18 Lucky Man Introduction, 19 Lucky Man


Waking Hour - David Francey 2004 2005 JUNO NOMINEE
Listen to Waking Hour MP3 click here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"…his best album to date. The songs are strong and the musicianship is exquisite. Just another brilliant CD to add to his collection of great works" Chopper MacKinnon, Canadian Spaces

Recorded in Nashville with veteran performers Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin. This collection of original Francey tunes shares the simple recording style of David's first three CDs but adds a driving rhythm provided by these amazing Nashville artists.

1 The Waking Hour, 2 Highway, 3 Ankle Tattoo, 4 Morning Train, 5 Wishing Well, 6 Ashtabula, 7 Tonight in my Dreams, 8 Over You, 9 Fourth of July, 10 Wanna be Loved, 11 Badlands, 12 Sunday Morning, 13 Gone


Skating Rink - David Francey 2003 2004 JUNO WINNER
Listen to Skating Rink MP3 Click here for Lyrics and Liner notes

"["Skating Rink"] … is something of a tour de force, a collection of 13 reflective pieces that contain countless compelling observations, yarns, confessions, hopes, dreams and regrets, all wrung from lives, homes and landscapes that are hauntingly familiar, undeniably Canadian." Greg Quill, the Toronto Star

The songs on Skating Rink are drawn from various stages of my life. Most were finally written down at the kitchen table where, if you look out the window, you can see the lights of the skating rink throwing at least a small part of the world into sharp relief.

1 Skating Rink, 2 Broken Glass, 3 Exit, 4 Come Rain or Come Shine, 5 Midway, 6 Belgrade Train, 7 Streets of Calgary, 8 Evening News, 9 Grim Cathedral, 10 Annie's House, 11 Valley's Edge, 12 Nearly Midnight, 13 A Winter Song


Far End of Summer - David Francey 2001 2002 JUNO WINNER
Listen to Paper Boy MP3

"With a beautiful simplicity, David Francey's sophomore release [Far End of Summer] is just that, a non-complicated offering of stirring harmonies, acoustic instrumentation and finely crafted lyrics." Martin Kemp, Calgary Record

Lyrics 1 Paper Boy, 2 Mill Towns, 3 Banks of the Seawy, 4 Hammers, 5 Brakeman's Daughter, 6 Flowers of Saskatchewan, 7 Saturday Night, 8 Highway, 9 A Thousand Miles, 10 Lucky Man, 11 Highwire, 12 February Morning Drive, 13 Green Fields, 14 Things They Do, 15 Far End of Summer


Torn Screen Door - David Francey 1999
Listen to Red-Winged Blackbird MP3

"Torn Screen Door, David Francey's debut release, filtered slowly - mostly by word of mouth - out across Canada… It brought with it, instant credibility." Les Siemieniuk, Penguin Eggs

"David Francey's Torn Screen Door CD is one of the very best albums I've heard. I've found words and melodies from the album going through my head again and again. Find it and buy it...you won't regret it." Vic Bell, the Nickelodeon, Calgary, Alberta

1 Border Line, 2 Hard Steel Mill, 3 Sorrows of the Sailor, 4 Blue Water, 5 Saints and Sinners, 6 Sumach Street, 7 Wind in the Wires, 8 Gypsy Boys, 9 Red-winged Blackbird, 10 Working Poor, 11 St. John's Train, 12 Gypsy Boys Reprise, 13 Torn Screen Door, 14 Long Way Home


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Selected albums David's songs and/or voice appear on:
The Del McCoury Band - It's Just the Night
McCoury Music


song - Mill Towns
James Keelaghan - Home


song - Red-Winged Blackbird
The Rankin Family - Reunion

song - Sunday Morning

rankins The Rankin Family - Reunion: Exclusive Tour Edition

song - Sunday Morning


Raylene Rankin - Lamb's in Spring


songs - Highwire and Flowers of Saskatchewan
The Barra MacNeils - All At Once

listen to thier version of A Thousand Miles at www.barramacneils

"David Francey's songs are just so accessible. The refrains are so infectious. A Thousand Miles really features the Barra's distict vocal stylings."
Chris and Kellie While - (England) Too Few Songs

song - Greenfields


Listen at

"Two of my favorite singer songwriters in the whole wide world" Beth Nielsen Chapman
sparrows Tracey Grammer – (USA) – Book of Sparrows www.tracygrammer.com 

song – Waking Hour


Debbie Carroll - Simply Beautiful

song - Red-winged Blackbird (David adds a harmony as well)


“Another wonderful collection from Debbie Carroll and her musical friends… perfect for young children and their families!” Bram of Sharon, Lois & Bram

Claire Mann and Aaron Jones - Secret Orders www.clairemann

song - Saint's and Sinners
trouble Trouble in the Kitchen(Australia) - The Next Turn  www.troubleinthekitchen.com 

The Next Turn  received the National Folk Recording Award at the National Folk Festival in Australia

song -Mill Towns
harvey reid Harvey Reid - The Autoharp album


song - Flowers of Saskatchewan
Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen - The Great Sad River


songs - Fourth of July and Torn Screen Door
Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shipley - Well Kept Secrets


songs-Flowers of Saskatchewan
Cooper, Nelson & Early - Return No More


song - Saints And Sinners
Lee Murdock - Between Two Worlds


song - Mill Towns
spiritwood Spiritwood Music -Listening Point


song - Red-winged Blackbird
redhouse These Times We're Living In, A Red House Anthology
Various Artists

Red House Records

song - Fourth Of July

Kane's River - Same River Twice


song - Wind in the Wires
Malinky - The Unseen Hours

Listen to their version of Flowers Of Saskatchewan at www.malinky.com
(with Steve Byrne lead vocal, Fiona Hunter harmony vocal &
David Francey harmony vocals)
  Colcannon - Journeys

"A song by a Scotsman living in Canada. David Francey is becoming a major force as a songwriter and performer. The sentiments in this song fit well with Colcannon's view of the world"

song - Torn Screen Door

North Sea Gas - Rosslyn nsg.gplrank.info/info

"...Scottish Folk at its best. Part of why I like this band so much is that the songs they choose to sing are so rich in Scottish history plus are lush with color and filled with humor as well as hardships. Some of my favorites on this new project are "Torn Screen Door" which is a sweet ballad sung a cappela and describing the demise of another farm house which now stands empty and worn." BellaOnline

song - Torn Screen Door

Ben Walker - Polar Bear www.benwalker.org

"This is essentially a singer / songwriter's album ... the ability of the uilleann pipes to sustain the long note lending a suitable melancholy in the more serious numbers, or a sparkle when brighter topics are addressed, such as David Francey's Red Winged Blackbird." Gordon Potter- Living Tradition

song - Red-winged blackbird
Mizzen Men The Mizzen Men - Folk Songs & Sea Shanty's www.wayneburkeonline.com

song - Torn Screen Door
staber Staber and Chasnoff - Looking for the Road www.staberandchasnoff.com

song - Wind In The Wires
wrightkids The Wright Kids - Playing on the Job www.thewrightkids.com

song - Mill Towns

Tannis Slimmon - LUCKY BLUE


"....one of the most beautiful voices I have had the pleasure to listen to." David Francey

David provides backing vocals on Edmonton and My Body Moves

Bruce Guthro - Beautiful Life www.bruceguthro.com

“Beautiful Life”, which has a fantastic flow both musically and textually." "Skopet" magazine

David provides backing vocals on Jerusalem
Don Bray - Chosen www.donbray.ca

"Don Bray's third CD is a warm collection of finely-crafted songs and high spirited performances." Sing Out

David provides backing vocals on Saddle Song, Do or Die and Yum
Don Bray - Waiting to Arrive www.donbray.ca

David provides backing vocals on Our Own Voice and We Don't Die
Melwood Cutlery - Campfire www.melwoodcutlery.com

Campfire is a sensual mosaic of songs that fit together like a collection of greatest hits, speckled with the performances of special guests, including celebrated singer/songwriters David Francey, Lynn Miles and Jenny Whiteley. The outcome is a warm, winsome anthology — some of the most charismatic music of Melwood's career.

David provides backing vocals on Walkerton and Too Stoned
Laura Bird - Dreamwalker http://www.laurabird.com/

"a lyrical and sometimes whimsical jaunt from the folksy to the torchy plains of Bird's vocal landscape"

David provides backing vocals on Arrow
Tears of a Thousand Years - various

The idea for this project was born on September 12th – a day on which many of us were asking ourselves what we could do to help. During a CD Release in Toronto, singer/songwriter and firefighter Don Bray sang "Burning in the Streets" – written from the fire fighter’s perspective, and dedicated it to his cohorts in New York CityFollowing Sept. 11th, a call was put out to Canadian folk musicians interested in donating a song to help raise funds in aid of the relief effort, and out of almost fifty entries, twenty songs were chosen.

David provides backing vocals on Burning in the Streets
mm Mary Murphy - A Painted Moon www.marymurphy.ca

"a well crafted recording...Mary Murphy's appealing Irish lilt influences her contemporary arrangements" Dirty Linen

David provides backing vocals on Wandering Aengus and Rose of Allendale

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