David Francey hosts CBC radio 2 documentary, Voices Of The Celts - A Family Reunion

Air Date:  CBC Radio Two network - Friday October 27, 2006 from 8pm to 10pm


Listen live at www.cbc.ca/listen

Host: David Francey
Producer: Glenn Meisner

Engineer: Pat Martin


Have you ever thought of being on Cape Breton Island in the fall? Driving the Cabot Trail in the early light of dawn where the winding road, rising out of the lowland mists, clings to the sides of ancient mountains clad in brilliant reds and golds... Sheer cliffs plunging a thousand feet to the endless blue green expanse of the North Atlantic... Where around each corner you stumble on picture postcard villages with names like Christmas Island, Chetticamp, Mabou, Iona , Wagmatcook, Orangedale and hundreds more. These are the sites for the Celtic Colours International Festival that draws musicians, storytellers and audiences from around the world... We'll take you on this fabulous journey.

This is a two hour Radio Two Network musical documentary on "The 10th Annual Celtic Colours International Festival" held on Cape Breton Island from October 6th to the 14th, 2006…

Fact: 387 BC… The Celts Sacked Rome!
Fact: 400 AD… The Celts basically disappeared from the face of the earth due to the Black Death, and the Romans.
Fact: 2006 AD... One of the world's largest Celtic music festivals celebrates its 10th anniversary, on Cape Breton Island.

The Celtic Colours International Festival is not like any music festival you know...The Celtic Colours Festival site is 10,311 sq. kms! Over 40 performances and countless workshops in 30 villages, towns and cities over a span of 9 days.
The best Celtic musicians - who create music of every genre - come from countries around the world. For them, Celtic Colours is a time of re-awakening and an affirmation of the ancient cultural ties that have kept the Celtic spirit alive over the centuries.
This is a living history, but also a vibrant contemporary expression of that culture.

David Francey will take our audience on a musical, cultural and geographical tour of the festival with a two hour network special. The special will be a cultural travelogue texturally rich in a blending of music, story, and commentary, a rich visual and aural experience exploring the interaction between performers from all over the world, the festival audiences and the presenting communities on Cape Breton Island.

Through this musical journey, David will explore the significance of this ancient Culture in today's world, and find out why performers and audiences from around the world come to this Celtic outpost to be musically re-charged

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